01 June 2007

Conference countdown

The New Craft Future Voices conference is due to open in just over one month. It offers the opportunity to hear prominent international keynote speakers that include Paul Greenhalgh, Bruce Metcalf, Joruun Veiteberg, Marie O'Mahony and Sandra Alfoldy.

This will be the first craft conference to fully integrate theory and practice. Alongside a conference programme that includes over 50 papers from academic researchers and practitioners, there is a major international exhibition that showcases 26 exhibit proposals from seven countries, and represents a total of 37 practitioners and over 70 pieces of work. Digital, Radical, Innovative, Fine and Process - the exhibition exposes a diversity of activities within the crafts and takes stock of its fast changing cultural and creative role. Attendees will also receive a fully published set of conference proceedings. There is still the opportunity to register for the conference by visiting the conference website.

If you are attending, we wish to hear from you. Our intention is to develop a rich discourse around the future of craft. So, leave a comment here that addresses one or all of these questions:
  • What will you be bringing to the conference?
  • What are the key questions on the future of craft you want to raise?
  • What are the priorities for the future of craft?
  • How can we better develop an international craft research community?