28 October 2011

Craft Australia Need Us!!

Craft Australia Defunded by the Australia Council

Craft Australia is challenging this decision and is also seeking our support.  

If Craft Australia is lost to the Australian craft and design sector it means there will be no national peak organisation representing the craft and design sector. There will be no visible national portal to represent the work of the many artists, designers, gallerists, curators, writers and researchers working in this field. Australia will be the only OECD country without a dedicated agency to advocate and promote the work of this area of practice. The many initiatives that Craft Australia has been advocating for to link craft and design with innovation and industry will be lost. Substantial digital content about this sector will be lost, creating a significant knowledge gap about our cultural traditions.  

In my experience as a Scottish Craft and Design Practitioner and Academic Researcher, Craft Australia is an international ambassador and champion for the craft sector. It demonstrates leadership and offers exemplars of best practice for us all to learn from and aspire to. I believe that loosing this voice is something the international craft community cannot afford.

How can you help:

Sign their petition - http://tiny.cc/6norj

Forward to petition to friends and interested parties