29 May 2009

Making A Slow Revolution - Helen Carnac

This blog aims to provide a forum for open discussion around the contribution of contemporary craft to the philosophies presented within the slow movement. [Carnac & Craftspace] feel that these philosophies reflect many of the current concerns and interests that makers are exploring within their practices and the evolving identity of craft. It is an opportunity to connect some of the emergent discussions within craft and its recent movements to the slow debate.

The blog form[s] the thread which runs through a research project exploring ideas of slowness within craft. [Their] aim is that this project can be a reflexive process that informs our curation of a major national touring exhibition for Craftspace and which will launch at the end of 2009. A blog provides the opportunity to encourage open discussion, a value that is characteristic of the slow movement. Your contributions enable you to inform the research and exhibition and ensure that the ideas we present resonate within the experiences and interest of those working within the craft arena.