26 March 2006

Radical Craft Continues

It's funny that sometimes our world really does seem small. When I told Erica Clark I had come from Dundee, she immediately replied "do you know Broughty Ferry?". She has friends that live there, and Tim Robbins of IDEO says 'hello" to Colin Burns.

Our world was the subject of Constance Adams presentation,(she works for NASA) and I think her presentation was about as radical as you get. She presented 'Crafting the Mothership, space architecture'. She explained that Earth is ONE complex organism and in order for earth to survive the organism must propagate. If earth is the mothership then spacecrafts should be sent out to propagate other environments.

This talk was great as it involved radical ideas in terms of how space exploration has forced 'makers' to rethink how they get something to work. She highlighted structures like soil, crystals and grains. Growing and living structures that are necessary for life. Structures that demonstrate the movement of life. What was really interesting is that she highlighted the need for natural methods and materials being used in order to sustain life, and how future visions look back to traditional roots.

More notes to follow..


  1. Hi Frances
    Enjoying the blog. Especially appreciate the last report. In my thesis I was defining life as wholeness that encompasses the animate and inanimate and sees the earth as a living organism. Hope you can bring me back some contacts of anyone working at the craft/science interface.


  2. Hi Sandra,
    Constance Adams was definately one one the highlights for me, she really presented a different way of looking at everything we take for granted.
    There is lots lots more....I just need more time!