25 October 2006

Another Houston Blog

An addition to our list of Blogs reporting on the 'Shaping the Future of Craft' conference. David Richardson leads Furniture Society - After Hours : thoughts and ideas related to studio furniture, craft, and art.

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  1. Gloria2:59 pm


    We’re planning to hold the first ever indie/DIY Craft Congress, here in Pittsburgh, PA next year.

    After three successful years of our indie craft fair, Handmade Arcade, (www.handmadearcade.com), we got the idea for Craft Congress.

    We felt that holding the first-ever DIY Craft Congress -- where the organizers of DIY/indie craft fairs, boards, websites, craft mafiosas & craft church ladies from all over the world could get together to share ideas, network and make staging future craft events better - would benefit the indie craft movement.

    What: DIY/indie Craft Congress
    Date: March 31 & April 1, 2007
    Where: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    Lodging/food: we will make every attempt to provide you with free lodging at the homes of diy crafters in Pittsburgh. Thanks to a grant we are also able to cover costs of most of your meals.
    You basically have to save up for travel, although some of you may be able to car pool.

    Information: Gloria at: gtforouzan@yahoo.com or 412.583.8757

    We already have over 60 DIY organizers on our Yahoo group & hope you’ll join too. It’s a great way to participate, even if you can’t make it to Craft Congress. Join by going to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/craftcongress2007/

    Here’s some of what we’re discussing:

    a. craft-fair logistics (attracting vendors, jurying, venue issues and cheap promotion);
    b. creating a network or umbrella organization of craft fairs;
    c. seeking joint sponsorship from corporations as a networked group of fairs;
    d. maximizing promotional and media opportunities as a group;
    e. getting to know each other – the best part!

    We look forward to hearing from you, Gloria (in Pittsburgh).