16 April 2009

Everyday Creativity: creativity and cognition conference 09

Authors should submit papers related to the main conference theme 'Everyday Creativity' and the suggested topics given below. The conference organizers hope that these threads will both inspire and shape submitter's presentations:

* Collective creativity and creative communities
* Shared languages and participatory creativity
* Incubating creativity and supporting Innovation
* DIY and folk creativity
* Democratising creativity
* New materials for creativity
* Enriching the collaborative experience

The creative experience broadly includes sensations, embodiment, emotions, perceptions, and behaviours. This is especially true in interacting with representations, materials and technologies that support and underpin individual and collaborative creativity. We welcome papers that consider both the nature of the materials and the experiential vision of creativity support tools as a medium for emotions, sociability and pleasure, as well as ethnographic field work, and first-hand accounts or investigations.

Two prizes are awarded for papers. One to the greatest technical/ scientific contribution and one to the most creative contribution. Prizes are generously provided by the Creativity and Cognition Studios.

April 24, 2009
Please note that the submission site will close on April 24 and we will not accept any submissions after that date.

Papers must be submitted via the electronic submission system.
Papers must be anonymous and should be a maximum of 10 pages in ACM SIGCHI two-column conference format.

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