30 August 2010


Multi: The Journal of Diversity and Plurality in Design is the first multidisciplinary journal dedicated to all that affects design and its attendant and related disciplines. Multi provides a venue though which truly forward-looking, practical matters pertinent to design can be discussed and shared amongst design professionals with colleagues from those academic disciplines influenced and affected by advances in design and design technology. 

The international editorial board of Multi seeks original, unpublished contributions for upcoming issues which aim to nurture an inclusive intellectual environment that both stimulates and supports the discourse anchored by multiplicity in design. Multi endeavors to include as many perspectives and as many voices as possible, while maintaining rigorous editorial standards. Multi is one vehicle which will help to foster a renewed energy and responsibility amongst not all design professionals, and all those whose lives are touched in some way through design. 

The following thematic issues have been announced for upcoming issues:

Volume 3, Number 1 (Spring 2011): Special Issue: Design and Change: the impact of innovation on the design profession, design pedagogy, and the future practice of design.

Volume 3, Number 2 (Fall 2011): The Branded Environment: issues of consumer culture and branding are changing the manner by which citizens interact with one another. 

In addition to papers, subject matter experts who may wish to contribute in an editorial capacity are invited to respond. 

To submit a paper, please register at http://library.rit.edu/oajournals/index.php/Multi/ The submission deadline is ongoing, though authors are encouraged to submit early. All papers will be blind reviewed by at a minimum of two reviewers.

Alex Bitterman, PhD

Associate Professor
School of Design

Multi: The RIT Journal of Diversity & Plurality in Design
Rochester Institute of Technology
3404 Booth Hall
73 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5603

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