18 September 2009

Chicks on Speed

In preparation for our Craft Festival next year (with its emphasis on future practice), Frances Stevenson, Laura Simpson and I had a great afternoon in conversation with Alex and Melissa from 'Chicks on Speed'.

Taken from last.fm ...
Chicks on Speed are a female band, born when Alex and Melissa met at the Munich Art Academy in 1997. Chicks on Speed’s core members are Melissa Logan (Upstate NY, USA) and Alex Murray-Leslie (Bowral, Australia), who collaborate with amongst others Anat Ben-David (Tel Aviv, Israel), Kathi Glas (Berlin, Germany) and A.L. Steiner (NY, USA).

Around Chicks on Speed there is grouped a large and ever-changing collective of musicians, producers, fashion and graphic artists, designers, film and video makers, and so on. Though usually considered part of such musical genres as electroclash, actually Chicks on Speed started as a multidisciplinary art group, who applied punk-inspired DIY ethic to performance art, collage graphics and home-made fashion (they have created their own stage costumes with cheap and recycled material such as plastic bags and gaffa tape, for example).

For a look at their work, go have a look at the Viva La Craft exhibition which was held in Melbourne Australia, March-April 2009. Brilliant!

And in person, come and see it in Dundee, Scotland next summer!

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